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US to UK Import

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Hi all,


New user here... i'm looking to import either a 240z or 260z with an RB engine from the US to the UK.


Could anyone point me in the right direction of anyone or any company that may be able to help with this?



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CFR Rinkens will do it, they have ships to Europe leaving all the time from many different ports and a proprietary car shipping system for containerised vehicles second to none. I have shipped with them before on many occasions, and I think that is who I recommended Villeman use as well.


I don't know how it is since Brexit, the trick was to import to Netherlands so as to be tax exempt, then run the NL rego into UK for decreased tax exposure.


There was some stuff going on like that through Shannon or other Irish ports as well... Most of my stuff goes to NL.

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just my 2 cent...don´t go to the netherlands. Normally they know quite well how much the cars are worth and then take it by 1.5 -2 just for good measure. I adressed this in my build thread, vacation + CFR is your best bet, then comes nothing for a long time and then other importers. If you need some names of "fair" importers who will sell you a Datsun let me know

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