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New here- this place is sweet!

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I picked up this Z a week ago. Needs a little TLC, so let the "corrections" begin.


73 240z


Muncie 4 SPD

180 open diff

Wide body(not sure what kind)


Location: Dallas Texas


Maybe the previous owner was on here or not, but l already ordered quite a few parts.


You guys have some awesome machines!

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The box and stereo are late 80's Kenwood, with a CD changer added maybe early 90's.


It's a blast from the past, along with the Centerline wheels, but it's all got to go!


I'm going to install a modern system and utilize today's custom components to save space and enhance appearance.


As far as wheels, I have a brand new set of staggered 15-9/15-8 Rotas, with a deep negative back space for the rear.


Tires will be here any day now, Toyo R888 235-50-15's(9.6" tread width).


I want the stance to go with the body kit.


Mechanical, first thing is locate an R200 with LSD and 3.36 axle hopefully.


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