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2JZ Tuner in NJ? Or East Coast

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Anyone recommend a tuner in NJ or surrounding area for the 2jz?


Finished the build in october and was using a tuner through supra forums that got me a 'base' map but going back and forth via email is really hard. Especially since I cant determine if its a tune issue or a motor issue with how it runs.




Current issues, doesnt start easily, wont hold idle, did ping once or twice, and ran really crappy like a fuel issue. Needs to be broken in so if I could get a basic tune that I could just baby it for awhile would be great. Been looking around but not really experienced with shop tuners. I have a friend that is also gonna need a tuner and has his friend but he (like most tuners) is very hard to get a hold of.


Not able to do much now anyway with winter weather in NJ right now but looking to start in march or april. 

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