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Quietest muffler for V8 Z?

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I posted pics of the setup in a previous post (above), but here is a video inside the car (pretty quiet with the whole car having dynamat on entire floor from firewall to tail light panel) and an external video.






It is quite and sounds good for only have a single stainless Magnaflow muffler with dual 2.5" inlet and single 3" outlet.

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 Here is my 77 280 with 2 1/4 in back to the diff then 2 1/2 to chambered muffler. I do not have carpet just two rubber mats. I have to roll down my windows to here exhaust, and I have 60,000 miles on the muffler it was put on in 2014 I had a turbo muffler before that.






It's funny how we both used the same stretch of road in our videos!  :-)

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