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SCCA PDX (HPDE) at Daytona April 8th and 9th

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I am registered to run in the Sunday Solo group.


It would be nice if some fellow HybridZ folks could come play.


If interested go to www.cfrpdx.com and register through dlbracing.


This is about the cheapest track time you will find.  Also, if you are first timers then this is one of the few events that allows Novices to run (with a driving Instructor).

I ran in this event last year as my first track day and had a blast.  The instructors were great.

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My Trans Am is down for the count right now and I don't have the funds to get it back together before the event.  This is the "School" or the infield course and it's a lot of fun.  I've instructed a few times with them and it has always been a quality event.  I encourage anyone who has been thinking about doing a 2 day track event to try this first and see if you like it.  Here is some video from several years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmTnx_EslMc

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