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Body Kit and Tire Size

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What's up guys, I'm new to the Z nation. There's a car I'm looking at and I'm unsure about what is going on in the picture. There seems to be too much of a gap space in the front tire between the tire and the front bumper.


Is it because the tire is too small?


I'm just curious for what to do in the future if I ever run into this scenario again


The blue car is what I'd like the Datsun to look like, and the Black one is the one with too much gap.



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I found that the larger tire/wheel didn't help that much with the wheel gap.  (My car came with 16 inch wheels which is already fairly large for a z car, went up to 17's without a big change)  When I installed lowering springs (with about 1 coil cut off) it set my ride height to exactly what I was looking for.  That and some 17 inch wheels made it look solid.

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