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Hello From The Great Pacific Northwet

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Longtime lurker, finally registered. Been into the Z as long as it has been produced, although it was not until 1989 that I actually owned one. I started out as the typical American teenager, with muscle cars. A Chevelle or 3, as many Impalas (including a '66 SS 396 that I traded for a VW Beetle), a '71 Camaro (still own it) and a '65 Comet Caliente (wish I still had this one).

Picked up a '71 Z that had been raced since '79 in 1989. Ran some novice races, and then spent the winter of '89 ~ '90 completely rebuilding it.

The car was hideous when I picked it up, bright green on one side, blue on the other, with an orange stripe down the middle. The previous owner was known as a rolling chicane. I broke that chain and put the car where it belonged, in the winner's circle.

The car before it was mine (number 339 behind the nice looking red white and blue one):


The car as it looks today:


The logbook dates to 1979, and has a long racing history in the Pacific Northwet running ICSCC (Conference) and SCCA road racing meets. It has been a lot of fun to race. I liked the Z so much that I now have 14 Z cars, although most of them are parts cars, parked out behind the shop. I did pick up a 2 owner car around 1995, here it is with the race car:





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Like the side pipe. Don't see that on L6 too often.




When I first ran the car the exhaust ran along the tunnel, in the stock location. The heat during a race was burning my right foot. I built heat shields and still it was getting too hot. The rules for the class I was running allowed any exhaust system using the stock manifold, and it had to fit safety and noise regs. Actually ran two different setups.


For both I ran 2 pipes from the manifold and joined them at a large elbow just before the exit behind the front tire.


On the first tried a Supertrapp at the end of a long pipe, exiting just in front of the rear tire. It dragged the ground during cornering, even after some mods to the end with a couple of ells.


The second uses a Lobak circle track muffler, and dumps just past the steering wheel hub (per the rules). I liked that setup the most, and had a place flamespray aluminum on it, inside and out. It has held up very well.


Neither pipe ever broke the sound limits at any track, even on the cooler, more dense days in the spring and fall.


And I don't burn my foot anymore.

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