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FS: 2003 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast Jackson, MS

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Hello everyone I know this forum is more for classic Zs, but I thought there might be some interest here. I need to try to reduce some of my car count. I have a 350Z that I'm putting up for sale. I bought this car as a fixer upper with the intent of making it a track car but have not gone super far in the build. The car was not driven from October 2014 to October 2016 due to an engine misfire issue. I have owned the car since August 2015. The misfire is now fixed. It turned out to be a bad ECU.

Vehicle Details 
2003 Nissan 350Z Enthusiast 6 M/T
Price: $4200 obo 
Mileage: 102,550
Vehicle Location: Jackson, MS 
Vehicle Title: Yes (MS Title in my name) 
Seller Name: Sergio B. 

Seller Contact Email: Undiaf1 at yahoo dot com

Vehicle Condition: 
-The vehicle has two accidents in Autocheck/Carfax history (One listed as Front RH, and a second accident listed as rear impact) 
-Panel gaps are visible in front and rear most likely due to previous accidents 
-The car drives well enough to be a daily driver. I have put ~4k miles on it since October 2016. 
-The stock suspension still feels tight 
-The clutch still grabs well to allow for good acceleration 
-Old Toyo Proxes TPT tires in stock sizes with plenty of tread but build date in 2009 

Known Issues that will have to be addressed: 
-Cracked Windshield 
-Oil Pans could use a re-seal. 
-Liquid filled differential bushing has ruptured. 
-Front suspension ball joint boots are showing signs of age cracking. They will open up at some point. 
-Rear suspension creaking. Most likely old sway bar links 
-Synchro grind has been detected on quicker upshifts (4th to 5th, 5th to 6th) 
-Synchro grind has been detected on quicker downshifts (6th to 5th, 5th to 4th) 
-Headlights have a good amount of haze 
-Cracked windshield washer reservoir 
-Front bumper has dent, and crack damage. Emblem is missing. 
-Power steering fluid could use a flush and refill. (It looks old) 
-Brake/Clutch Fluid could use a flush and refill. (It is probably old) 
-Drivers seat has torn cloth 
-A/C does not blow cold. The system will need to be serviced. 
-Right rear axle clicks when starting from a stop. Known 350Z issue. 

Recent Parts and Service: 
-4 Wheel Alignment 
-New rear differential gear oil (Valvoline 80W-90 Synthetic Blend) 
-New Copper Spark Plugs (All 6) 
-New Hitachi Replacement Coilpacks (All 6) 
-Stock fuel injectors cleaned by Deatschwerks 
-New transmission gear oil (Redline MT-85) 
-New vacuum and water hoses that attach to intake manifold 
-New Nissan Valvecovers 
-New Valve Cover Gaskets 
-New fuel rail O-Rings 
-New NTK O2 Sensors (All 4)


If you're interested best way to reach me is via email. Thanks for looking.











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