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'71 in Western Mass

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Hey everybody. I really appreciate all the knowledge shared and help offered here on the site.


My first car was an early 260, back around 1988. It had a lot of small issues, ones that I wasn't skilled enough to fix, and my folks weren't patient enough to deal with. They took it away from me. Here it is with racing livery in dried wax. Yeah, I did weird stuff:




About a year later, I lucked into a street-prepped '72 510. I've had 510s since then, with one of them an incomplete project with a built aluminum Buick 215 (266, now) swap. 




I always thought this would be a nice engine for a Z. It's light, small, and can be had obtained from newer Rovers, complete with modern updates and increased displacement.


Two weeks ago, I spotted a '71 240 at a repair shop and ended up buying it, along with a parts car. It's all stock, low miles, and pretty solid for a northeast car, though it does have spots in the floor that need attention, dogleg issues, and a gaping hole beneath the battery tray. It was affordable, and I'm happy. I'm prioritizing repairs and am going to get it roadworthy first. No plans for a swap, just yet. I'm looking through threads, absorbing knowledge, and getting ideas.


If there are other Z owners/hoarders in the area, please let me know.  And the car:







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