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500hp out of a 2.7L K24 Honda motor

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Always wondered what you could do with a stroker kit on a K24 block with a high flowing head.




Pretty nuts. I saw 520 on the dyno video, that's damn near 200hp/L naturally aspirated. Granted for sure I'm sure it is running something like 15:1 compression and some derivative of race fuel and have an insanely short life expectancy.


For reference I remember when honda had the manufacturers top spec with 123.5hp/L a while back with I think the F20C for the longest time, then the likes of Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari have all challenged for the crown. Then Ariel took the throne with a road legal manufactured car with 166hp/L although that is pretty much a track toy more then a street legal manufacturers car.


Just thought it was pretty neat.

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A guy I work with keeps me up on the latest as far as newer engines ( I'm stuck in the dark ages of Datsun), but he was telling me about this particular engine. A simple head swap and other stuff and you get a screamer NA motor ! Sounded like it was pretty easy to get 300 NA.

I guess I need to crawl out of my cave- lol

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