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Sound/Heat Insulation

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Your link sent me to a VigLink Shopping page for some reason. I'm in for info regardless, but I thought that link problem was fixed a while back. Had to go find the stuff you were talking about myself. 


Soffseal Sound Deadeners INSUL1?

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Those all look like good products but just one of them is not going to do the job of the original tar mats and the felt insulation.

They both do different jobs, the tar mat keeps the large areas of sheet metal from resonating and vibrating, the insulation muffles sound and insulates from the heat of the engine and exhaust system. You should use a sticky tar or butyl mat on the metal just the way Nissan did then one of those insulations glued on top of the mat. That thin insulation that comes on the bottom of the carpet kits doesn't do much of anything, these are rattlely old cars and can use some extra help to keep the sqeaks down.

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I used RAAMaudio mat in my Z.

Not the cheapest but I am satisfied with the results.

Was easy to install and seems to make it quieter, but my car is loud anyway.





I used the same mat material and put a layer of their Ensolite foam on top of that. I put it down when redoing the car so no way to compare to not having it there. 


Seems like it does really well. Both seem very good quality and were cheaper than the inflated prices of dynamat etc.  Also the seller is very good...or at least was years ago. 

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Posted (edited)

grannyknot, you make a good point, however, i'd hope we had advanced a bit since the 70s. I deally i would like to put just one product down. 

Maybe the best way to approach this would be to: 

1) do so driving with no insulation at all (record the noise)

2) add the tar such as noico or raamat (record the noise) 

3) if needed add foam or  other style insulation (record the noise) 


yay for experiments, now someone come help me finish my floors so i can do this lol

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