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V8 cars at ZAttack in Franklin TN April 22

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Nissan North America sponsors ZAttack car show every 3 years at Nissan HQ, which is located beside I-65 in Franklin, TN (just south of Nashville). Travis will have his super clean 66mm turbocharged (truck header) 5.3/TR-6060 R200CV 280z there, I will have my n/a LS2 T56 R200CLSDCV 174mph standing-mile 240z there (with interior gutted and no windshield-weather depending) with custom 8-pt rollbar, and I expect Smyrna388Z to be there with his super clean 383 sbc with NO2 A/T? drag Z with Jegs mail order roll bar. I hope that Adam Hopkins will show up with his 5.3 early 240z that took home all the trophies last ZAttack in its then ratrod-under construction state. There will un-doubtably be more great cars there from the region. I've got a couple other buddies coming with a variety of less molested early S30s. My buddy Dexter will be there if any body needs to make contact with someone who has a horde of original Z cars of any vintage rusting away in the pasture behind his house. We are competing with The Mitty historic races at Road Atlanta for the weekend, but this is a great opportunity to come look at some well Modified S30s if you have been sitting on the fence about doing a conversion to any level. ZAttack is now held on an "Every 3 Years" schedule. I hope to attend the Mitty next year to try to meet Greg Ira, but I've been waiting 3 years since the last ZAttack-its a great show at a great venue. I will bring a jack so that we can do some show and tell about any modification you are considering, from coilovers, AZC brake kits, ZG flares, aftermarket seats, roll bars, difs and axles, V8s, headers, parachutes, spoilers, airdams, splitters, various transmissions, wheels and tires. Hope to see ya there!

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