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Turbo stroker fully built / z32 trans kit / SDS standalone / gt3576R

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FULL SETUP engine, ecu, z32 tranmission, garret gt3576 turbo  etc..

NEW PRICE 5800 or im throwing it back it with extreme head


f54 magnufluxed block, v07 diesel crank, block bored over for87 mm JE forged pistons, 240z rods, ARP rod/main/head hardware. HKS 2mm headgasket and high volume oil pump. Head fully stock p90 solid lifter, 2 of the cam lobe bolts (not head bolts ) were over torqued so they need to be Helicoiled. Have new oem oil pan, valve cover, and intake manifold gaskets included.


z32 with machined bell housing, custom HD driveshaft, mount , mazworx adaptor. ACT pressure plate with custom built clutch disc to handle 500+ ft/tq, new striking rod with fidanza short throw shifter, truck motor mechanical speedo sender. ( will work with analogue gauge)



Garrett gt3576r ball bearing turbo, tial 38 mm wastegate welded to turbo manifold dumping to a custom 3" stainless downpipe.


intake manifold is stock shaved all and polished, deka 550 cc low z inj 240sx throttle body and custom fuel rail.


SDS standalone ecu fuel and ignition. Wasted spark, hall sensor mounted and magnets on crank pulley tuned for this motor.


This is a turn key 400 hp monster with room to grow the head is untouched! it ran a best time of 11.9 and still safely tuned for longevity purposes. I am not interested in parting it off at the moment. I am asking $5800 if you were to build this today it would easily cost double that and some. the turbo, stroker crank and forged pistons is about 4gs just 3 parts Local pickup in Ottawa is welcome I could ship anywhere in Canada through \VIA tran I could check cost for you its surprisingly decent I will also check if they ship to the US


I could grab some more shots or videos of it running. I just painted the block factory blue just for laughs since it was dirty when I pulled it out.


I also have a custom intake manifold senza pari ( dont worry it fits ) this was not with the original runner I supplied the intake flanges with velocity stacks plenum flange. Its not included however we can discuss, its got a 70 mm throttle body already attached. Still new unused I was planning to put on if I keep it and doing some head work to throw down some new sick numbers.




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lol it's more the garage that comes with the house that I need ...I have had to put so much work on my car on pause because the lack of a garage ....now I can work on her all year long in my new heated garage .


My goal is to have a mean N/A build but I don't mind throwing in a turbo while I build that lol ...just bad timing ..as you know there's like 4 Zs in our town so to find a nice setup like that locally is nice .

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