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1974 260z L28et heavy street modifications price check in MA

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Hi all, just looking to see what an estimate in value is for my Z. Looking for insurance purposes, but also potential to sell to fund an addition on the house. This is in Massachusetts where these are pretty rare in a good condition.

I'll highlight the important parts.


1974 260z from CA

L28et and T5 from an 83. Engine rebuilt in 2007.

MegaSquirt installed with 440cc injectors.

240sx TB

Electric fan on 280zx radiator

Walbro fuel pump

Upgraded and rebuilt turbo.

AZ car springs and Tokico Illuminas.

Miata seats, new interior carpets, half dash cap.

Toyota/300 vented brake setup

Rota 16x8 RBs with new rubber

Rear disk conversion with Ford parts

Body and paint done in summer 2013.

I have Black Dragon from and rear chrome bumpers ready to install.


Main negative is I haven't had time to really get into a great tune, but it is driveable. Been driven highway and back roads for about 500 miles since engine was done.


I'll figure out how to get pictures soon.





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Anywhere from 9-30k.


High end:



Low end:



Who really knows why there is such discrepancy.


High end is Turbo, Low end is NA.... That makes a difference!


It really depends what someone is willing to pay for it I guess.

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