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1971 Datsun 240z 1 owner car fully documented

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I bought it from the original owner, it has not been titled.  I bought it to hold on to, but things have not been good this year business wise so I have to sell off this car to free up some cash.  I did not title it I reconditioned the fuel and ignition system , as well as had a service done on the car to make it a driver.  The only thing left is to replace the leaking drum in the rear and it is road worthy...

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I HATE deadbeat eBay bidders.
His name is Terry Mcaninch of West Desmoines, IA Screen name terrmcaninc0


NO responses from 1st and 2nd place bidders. 

So the car goes back in my garage and I will drive it when it suits me.  Thank you to all who passed it around and bid on the car ( other than the 1st place and 2nd place bidders, those guys are assholes)

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