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L28ET, FricFrac Harness, MS3.

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As title states, I have a complete MS3 with a FricFrac Harness.  I have an 82-83 Optical wheel WITH the DIY Trigger wheel.

I would take 1000 for this setup.  The harness was 600, the MS3 was 659, not to mention getting the MS3 setup through Kurk.  So that would get you the DIY optical wheel the 82-83 dizzy, MS3, and harness ready to go.



The L28ET was supposedly rebuilt with a high pressure oil pump, it has a crank mounted trigger wheel as well.

I would like a grand here, including the transmission.  This obviously would be pick up only.  Upon talking with another member, I have found out this motor is actually a N42 NA motor with turbo accessories on it.  


I also have a Ford coil setup with the bracket for L28ET, and EDIS. 

This is the "Blake Machine" coil pack bracket, along with the 6 ford coils with pig tails.

I would take 120 on this.  


I just picked up this 74 260z last night, and am wanting to part out all of the L-series stuff, to fund my Toyota swap.

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