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T3 weld in camber, now what?

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So as some of you guys have noticed, I finally got back into datsuns!  I picked up a 74 260z, but the car has the T3 camber plates installed, which has put a hamper on BC Coilovers.


So has anyone ever gone back to stock?  Or bolted a full fledge coilover to the T3 plates??

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There was a member that had some "stock" plates made up to repair his botched shock towers in one of the BC threads. He was offering the cad designs.


Alternatively there was some talk of using bolt in/weld in camber plates. I think it would just be a matter of finding out the hole size and either having BC use a shock with the correct diameter or having a bushing made up to go down to the correct diameter. Memory says it is a 14mm on the TTT camber plate, and for some reason I want to say the BC's were 12mm or so, or I could be completely talking out of my arse.

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