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Hello! 71 240 with a turbo 4.8 here.

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Hello everyone, long time lurker here, lol. I've been a Z lover since as far back as I can remember. Z's and Opel GT's have always caught my eye. I'm also a muscle car guy and a classic ca.....ahh who am I kidding if it has an engine I'm into it. I own 14 various classic cars and unfortunately, I'm not rich enough to build them all at the same time.


 I bought my 240 about 10-12 years ago from Craigslist as a roller for $900. I first saw it on there with a 327 and Muncie 4spd, but the guy wanted $2700 and I didn't have it. So a few weeks later I saw it again sans engine and trans and knew it was meant to be. Pulled it home and slapped a 283 I stole from my dad and backed it up with a Muncie 4spd. I had it running that weekend. Here it is below.




Played with it for a bit and parked it for about 6 years at a buddies house. Picked up a 05 4.8 with a denmah special turbo kit from a friend and was talked into installing it into the Z. It's been a slow process probably close to 6 years in the making. Which is actually pretty fast for one of my personal cars, lol. I'm working my way from the front to the back, aside from the skipping to the fuel cell and behind the license plate filler, I recently installed.


Here is an older pic of the install



Anyhow, I just wanted to introduce myself, say thank you to all who contribute here and possibly contribute something myself. I have taken hundreds of build photos along the way and am considering starting a build thread. She isn't done yet but she is getting there. I hope to have it on my friend's dyno and get the tune finally done next week.


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Thank you! It was many long days of blood, sweat, head scratching, and cussing.


So I put it on the rollers today to have an awesome dude put a shakedown tune in it, had wastegate spring issues that limited it to 9lbs of boost. It laid down 430 horsepower and 450 lb-ft of torque.Not bad for a bone stock 05 Silverado 4.8, an eBay turbo and parts, and a garage built kit, lol. It's a blast to drive home, the R180 is hanging in there and still laying down two black stripes on the road, lol. Picked up an r200 out of a 74 260z 2+2 which has the 3.36 I was looking for at the junkyard. Bought the entire rear set-up for $217.05. I'm stoked!!


Probably going to start a build thread and post some pics and videos if I can figure out how. lol




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