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Been lurking, finally posting

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I bought this 75 280z about two months ago and immediately began playing with it. In the photos I have attached, you can see my updates.


I have searched and searched the forum but have been unsuccessful finding what I need. Mostly because I'm not familiar with differentials. Could someone please look at the close up of my differential and tell me if it's an LSD unit? I bought it off of ebay advertised as such.


More progress to come as I am about to install my urethane bushings and reinstall the cleaned rear suspension. Also did some carbon fiber work to the car (front air dam, carbon fiber front bumper, and MSA victory spoiler).


I have the new Konig Rewinds (16x7) shipping to me and am really excited about it!


But please, seriously, I need to know if that's an LSD unit. If not, I was ripped off on ebay.




Jeff Scoggins


\I know this may come across as a week first post.

\\I've already gotten very far with the help of this forum! Thanks to everyone and the stickies!








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Hate to be the barer of bad news, but no, not what a LSD should look like.... :(


I haven't seen you cruising that nice, clean 280 around L.C.  It looks to be real close to the color my 260 is wearing  :)


Give me a txt sometime and I can show you all the Z parts I'm hoarding. I prolly have something we can work a swap for. I'll private  message you my number.

BTW, I'm off Sale and Nelson Rd.



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