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ANOTHER Datsun Z/LS3/T56 Swap Thread

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Just a small update...


In trying to finish up the cage, I thought I had planned sufficiently and left adequate access to 360 degree weld up all the joints.  But with the bases of the main hoop...no matter where I stick the welder, I could not get the angle/visibility I thought I needed to lay down a decent bead.  And I knew if I fucked it up....getting a grinder in there to redo it would be a nightmare.


The easiest approach wound up being to cut weld portals in the fender.  Sounds like a bit of poor planning, but it worked out OK.










Started assembling the rear hub uprights from T3.  I found that the way they were machined, the stock Nissan axle seals would not fit.  I perused the 'net every which way, trying to find a seal that would work....but found nothing.


So, I wound up having aluminum bushings machined to press in so that the OEM seals would work.  Maybe overkill....I dunno...since the wheel bearings have their own seals.  But Nissan (Infiniti) used the axle seals in the OEM application, and I figured they must have had a reason.....so I went with "better safe than sorry".










Thanks for looking.


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Nice! As you stated, I bet the sealed bearing is ok on it's own. However I always prefer an additional dust shield. I think TTT should sell the bushings and seals as an add on.... And owe you a beer for the idea. 

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I spent my last few days of shop time conjuring a mounting system for my steering column and bias bar pedal system.  I am using electric power steering, which occupied some of the room for the pedals, and the pedal assembly was not compatible with any of the stock mounting locations, so I had to cut it all out and start from scratch.


The steering column mount was easy...it just consists of two heavy duty 1.5" tubing clamps welded together at 90 degrees with a short section of tube between them, then bolted to the dash bar and column.  I was a bit surprised that a 45 year old Japanese car used 1.5" tube for the steering column...but that is the case and it made things easy.  The mount is so rigid I have no doubt you could lift the car by the steering column and the mount would not shift.  I wanted it really beefy because the mount supports the weight of the power steering motor, which is cantilevered a foot or so outward.


The motor for the electric power steering wanted to interfere with the pedal assembly...so it took some dicking around to figure out the best way to mount everything and have it peacefully co-exist.


Just one of those jobs that is simple in concept, but time consuming to actually implement....at least for me.


Thanks for looking.

















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Well, I have been regularly working on the car since my last post....just haven't posted in a while because it feels like I am spinning my wheels and not getting much done.


I managed to finish the strut tower bars and sway bar mount reinforcements, and completed the modifications to the firewall to mount the Tilton master cylinders:








Finished the structural modifications to the rear of the car for the fuel cell cage to drop in.  Just have to re-skin the framework with sheet metal: 






And, spent some time welding up the assorted cutouts and holes from the bumpers, OEM exhaust, marker lights, antennas, and other items I won't be using.






That's pretty much it.  Feels like a lot of time invested over the past month or so without much progress.


Thanks for looking.

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