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280zx door striker size and source for door switch cover

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The doors on my 280zx are rattling (partly cause the striker is worn) and the rubber cover/ bumper on the drivers side door switch is worn through, which makes the metal striker hit the door AND makes the door light turn on all the time (its great when the car thinks your door is opened overnight. Does wonder to battery charge)

Two questions:

1. Can anyone tell me the original, brand new diameter for the plastic part of the door striker? I'll try to 3d print a replacement and see if that can work (possibly with a rubber core.. I'll post something somewhere if it works)

2. Can anyone tell me of a good place to buy the rubber cover for the door switches? Looking for price as a primary criteria...




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OD is .527 on mine. just bought new strikers last year so that should be pretty accurate. i got the whole striker from ebay brandnew, dont remember how much but wasnt bad. i would look there for rubber cover too. mine is a 1983 so you know. sometimes stuff for the 79-80 cars are slightly different.

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Thanks g-tech.

I'll see what i can do for making the striker part with that. Anything less than 10 years old should be pretty acurate...

As for ebay, i'd check before, and just did again because i didn't remember the results. The rubber cover can be had for less than 10$ each, which is not so bad. But the strikers are all more than 40-50$.. Good to know!

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