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2009 WRX drivetrain to 280z

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Yeah, regarding the boxer swap, until someone actually gets it done and running, I'm not counting it. The purple V8 car you're talking about is the same one I was referring to, BTW. It belongs to a guy named Kevin Mackrell.

I managed to find the other one I was talking about. The track width and wheel base make it look really wonky. http://jdm-culture.com/adree-hamid-r32-in-disguised-s30-240z/

Also, while looking, I managed to find mention of a third AWD Z, posted on this very forum. This one actually looks really impressive. Fourth post, by OlderThanMe.


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I posted these exact links on another topic by a young guy wanting to do the GTR swap into his Z. Thought I was having some deja vu and only thought I posted them because I thought it was in this same topic for a second. Had to go back and check my own comments haha. 

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