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L28 turbo parts!

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Competition clutch with lightweight flywheel used with unknown mileage, disc still has a good amount of meat left.

300 plus shipping



240sx TB setup with TB spacer!  Comes with Hardware.  Would suggest getting a new sensor, the TPS is questionable, and is missing the plug.  $100 shipped to continental US


Trigger wheel setup unknown trigger wheel setup.  Looks to be a MSA crank pulley with a DIYAUtotune Wheel

200+ shipping (crank pulley, trigger wheel, sensor, and bracket) Sold to Sean73


Also have 82-83 distributor setup with shaft (not pictured).

150 shipped Sold to 1vicissitude


T3 Turbo manifold with 2 bolt wastegate unknown manifold.  Fit pretty good on the motor.  No turbo or wastegate included, just the manifold.  200+shipping Sold to Stevoen


Will donate 1% to HZ 


Thanks for looking!


I also have a few more parts that will also go up for sale, so keep checking back!








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