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Hoke Performance LS2/T56 install starts today.....

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Very nice looking. My set up is very similar to your routing, though I don't think I would have space to put the steam vent fitting in that spot. Mine is curretly lower down, about halfway along the vertical portion of the upper hose. Not sure if its in the right spot, worried I may not be able to bleed it if its not at the top like yours.

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I have been working on the wiring behind the dash, removing unused wires and adding relays. Finally completed the restoration of the dash. My dash had many wide crakes. The results are great looks just like new. Will have to see how it holds up in the weather. If it does not hold up I have a full cover that I have fitted on the dash and it fits great. Waiting on my custom made 4 1/2" GPS speedometer. The gauge will have a high beam light, and I will use the blinker lights as the emergency brake light (they will make the gauge with red lights). It will have a remote jack button since I will install in the factory gauge bracket. They also made the brake light and high beam light work on a ground signal instead of a 12 volt signal. They also shorten the GPS wire from 15' to 5'. Great customer service. I also wired the ECU engine light to the volt meter 12 volt red light.


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What I did with my dash was remove all but 4 screws that hold the dash to the frame. My dash kept cracking after I refinished it. After removing all the extra screws it held up better.

The dash isn't going anywhere as it's held in by the A pillars. Seems that when you tighten the screws it puts stress on the old foam.



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Hoke provides driveshafts now too huh?  That will be good to know down the road.


Project is looking great!  It kind of reminds me that in many ways a pure track car like I am building is so much simpler....no messing with getting a decent stock dash and all that!

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Posted (edited)

Received my custom speedometer gauge from speedhut. I ordered a 4 1/2" GPS speedometer. They modified the wiring so the 2 red lights activate with a ground that is connected to the emergency brake. The blue light above the 240Z activates by a ground when the high beams are on. I also ordered with the remote jack button so I could install just like the factory. Fits perfect in the original speedometer case.


4-1/2" GPS Speedometer 160mph (w/ turn signal and high beam)


  • Colors: Day - Black dial // White font
    Night - Numbers Green Glow
  • Font Style: Eurostile
  • Tick Style: standard
  • Custom Text: 240Z
  • Pointer: Standard White (Glows White)
  • Bezel: Stealth Black
  • Window: Flat
  • Notes: 1. Remove front mounted jack button, install remote jack button.
    2. Make 2 blinker bulbs red. High beam bulb blue.
    3. Make 2 blinker bulbs and high beam bulb activate by supplying a ground not 12 volts. My car sends a ground to turn on lights.
    4. Make GPS cable 5 feet long.





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That looks really nice and simple, I like the 240z script the way it's placed in there as well. The discrete little touches like that are what really make a car feel personalized and different than all the others. Keep up the progress and the pictures!

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