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(newish car) Need Help Identifying What I Have

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(Not sure where to post this) I cross posted this to members projects as well. 


Was browsing multiple forums and decided to try out Hybridz for advice. I bought a 1977 280z Frankenstein of a car with an '83 280zx turbo engine swap in 2014 for around five grand. I drove it around for a year or so and it died on me after removing the previous owners sound system. Life got in the way and the car had a parasitic draw and sat for around 15 months. I just brought it to a shop and had the fuel system flushed with new filters, however, got robbed on the price in my opinion. I did some general maintenance (oil, spark plugs, coolant) and have been driving it around for the past week. The car is far from stock and I was hoping some of you guys could help me by identifying what I have. Any help is much appreciated! Below is a numbered imgur album. Sorry it is alot of pictures. My knowledge is weak and I know I need to find a service manual, but I don't know where to start.  Its pretty fast when the turbo kicks in, I believe its running around 12 pounds of boost if the gauge is accurate. Definitely kicks your head back. 


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Looks like somebody swapped a 280ZX turbo engine (1981 - 1983) and engine management system (ECCS, the computer is in picture 21) in to your car.  The AFM (before the turbo picture, 20) is another clue.

I would go to an appropriate sub-forum and post those pictures individually. Use the "choose files" link below the reply box to add a picture.  Might have to download them to your phone or computer first.  Somebody might take the challenge of digging through all of your pictures and responding to each one but they'd have to write a novel to answer all of the questions.

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