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Valve Cover Breather and General "What is this"

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I recently got my car running this past week after it was in hibernation for over a year. I bought the car in 2014 and never took the time to learn much about what I had. I was hoping someone could help me figure out what has been done to my engine. To my knowledge the motor and computer is from an '83 zx turbo. Also I told by another user that my valve cover breather hose is causing a major vaccum leak. What should I do? 

This album is from a previous post, but it has a few good pictures of the engine bay and motor.  http://imgur.com/a/4uGkb


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Read about "emissions" in the FSM.  The breather is part of the emissions system.

It's probably been disconnected completely so might not be a vacuum leak.  If the engine runs well, the PO probably plugged all of the right holes.  Overall though, you would do well to know more about how your engine works.  Before it has problems.

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