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Cartech Blowthrough side draft Turbo system for sale

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I have an ancient, though undeniably cool, CarTech carb blowthrough Turbp system available. It is designed for use with triple side drafts, not included! 

I was going to hang it on the wall and say "hey look what 30 year old turbo crap looks like !" but I realized that was silly. Better someone else hang it on their wall.

No idea what this stuff is worth, but due to rarity, and the fact that I have to state a price, I'm going to toss out a crazy number like $1000 USD. I am taking offers and will accept the highest reasonable bid. This stuff is heavy, especially the turbo/exhaust manifold. Shipping is on the buyer of course. It is all located in Western Canada.

What you see is what you get in the pictures. There is also an intercooler, it too is huge and heavy. A more modern equivalent is likely a better choice.

If no one wants the entire package, I will part it out. The intake plenum is clearly the most valuable of all the items. We'll talk price when the time comes. Can't say it would make a good NA intake plenum flow wise, but there is likely a post on here somewhere where experts debated this topic to death.  

Let me know if have any questions.  Email to [email protected] is likely the fastest way to get a response.




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