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280z upgrade to a 300zx starter?

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Looks like the starter on my 1975 280z is going bad and before looking for a 280z starter I was wondering if there were any upgrades. I found another forum where someone mentions that a 300zx starter fits the 280z but it's an old post and no one ever went into detail or talked or asked about it after that one suggestion. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about doing this, would it just be a straight bolt on? Would it require any kind of rewiring? Should I just stick with a 280z starter?

Thanks in advance!

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The 280ZX starters are gear reduction.  Not a major reduction like the race engine types.  That would be the simplest upgrade.  Lighter and more effective.

Actually, if you ask for a 75 280Z starter at a parts store you might get a ZX starter anyway.  SKU consolidation.

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