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Help with Tourque App and Oil pressure PID

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So im running the tourque app for gauges in the 280Z with 5.3/4l60e swap.

Due to my old tablet dieing I have to get a new one and reload the app. Cant get to old app or data.

 Same problem as last time, standard oil pressure guage doesn't work for the car. Last time I was able to find one online that worked but for the life of me I cant find it again. 221470 and 22115c do not work. Is there anyone out there who has run into this problem and has the right pid that I can program in?

Also if anyone has this running, what all extras and setup do you have? App will do a lot of stuff, a lot of it is not working on mine, probably due to the swap and reflashing and stuff. Maybe its just a PID setup problem on my end though.  Always up to see others work.  

Any help would be appreciated, kinda need to know the oil pressure obviously. lol

Its a 2006 GMC Savanah ECM flashed by LT1swap.com if that matters any.

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