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Home Built by Jeff

Home Built Z 'Full video build'

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23 hours ago, Home Built by Jeff said:

Haha, bog is what it is called here in Aus'. No idea where it comes from. I assume 'bondo' is or was a brand name of body filler in the US and has just become the term.

Correct, Bondo is 3M's brand name and became a standard term. I suppose "body filler" is what the pro's call it. Bog is way better. 

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If you open up closed sections of the unibody like the sills and frame rails you'll find that they are most likely covered with surface rust so "rust free" is a relative term when talking about these old Datsuns! :P  I may have missed it but did you do a thorough inspection for rust under the car?  Frame rails and of course, floor pans are common areas for rust.

I'm enjoying the videos! Keep it up!



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The shell is really clean. I didn't cut open the frame rails, but I did have a thorough look under neath and it is really clean. I don't believe the removable panels are original to the car. My guess is that they were swapped out from an early car, as their condition doesn't match the shell.

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