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FS: 280z Arizona Z Coilovers $1200 (With weld in plates!)

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EDIT! NOW INCLUDING A NEW SET OF WELD IN CAMBER PLATES! Copied measurements from my AZC plates, now the hard part of this is done!

Switching up my coilover game to a double adjustable, so I'm looking to sell my AZC setup. In very good shape, just looking for more adjustability. Been running these for 4 years, but auto-x duty only, so less than 1000 street miles. They still ride great, and show almost no wear on the shaft bodies. No leaks or "wet" spots. Come with ~300lbs springs. 

Fronts are ready to bolt up, rears are standard chop and weld. There is a step machined into the threaded body that will square up the shaft.  Front hubs can be included for extra, they are also in great shape. Fronts knuckles have been drilled to allow a remote adjuster to come out the bottom. This is critical since the AZC design puts the adjustment knob where it is almost impossible to adjust quickly. Rears have the same piece fitted, makes life much easier! 

Includes everything show. Parts located in Portland, OR. Buyer pays shipping, message with questions. 



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Updating description/adding photos.

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