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240z/280z front cross member

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I have a 1971 series 1 240Z, that has a 280Z front cross member installed. The problem I have is the 240Z steering rack is loose at the steering clamps. I have ordered two sets of urethane steering rack bushings but the rack is still loose. I was told the front cross members are the same between the 240Z and 280Z. does anyone have a suggestion to fix the problem. 

The urethane bushings I have tried are for a 240Z steering rack. You can see in the picture the clamps are touching the rack before I even install the bolts.




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My apologies, I just read your most a bit more carefully. 280z cross members are not completely identical, the horn part that has the rack mounts is larger, and the mounts them selves are wider. I believe (but I am not sure) that the racks are the same diameter. 

Check out this thread,


These are 280Z rack bushings:






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