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S30 Suspension and Drivetrain pieces

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- R180 Mustache bar, pulled from 1973 260Z.  Original bushings, which actually look to be in great condition.  $50 plus shipping.   SOLD


- 4 speed transmission mount, pulled from 1973 260Z.  Original bushings, very good condition.  $35 shipped anywhere in US.


- R180 differential mount, front crossmember, pulled from 1973 260Z and 1974 260Z.  Two available, both very good condition.  $45 each shipped anywhere in US; or $70 shipped for both.   SOLD


- R180 differential mount insulator, Nissan p.n. 55415-N4301, pulled from 1973 260Z, very good condition.  $35 shipped anywhere in US.  


 - Rear strut insulators, pulled from 1974 260Z (will also fit 280Z), one pair, ok condition.   $20 shipped anywhere in US.


- Stock front sway bar, from 1973 260Z; 18mm thickness.  Will fit any year S30 using the correct sway bar mounts and bushings.  The pictures show front and rear bars, but the rear is already sold.  Sale is for the front bar alone; no end links or mounting hardware included.  $20 plus shipping.   SOLD


Tokico lowering springs, red, excellent condition.  Getting harder and harder to find these bad boys.  For late-model 260Z and 280Z.  Used approx 1.5 years before switching to coilovers.  $120 shipped anywhere in US.   SOLD.


- Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks (strut inserts), one pair BZ 3038.  Good condition, unknown age.  Coded by Tokico for use in 280ZX front struts; but with the proper spacers, can really be used in almost any year Z, front or back, IME.  Several discussions on here regarding interchangeability between years for Tokico shocks.  Sale is for shocks only...gland or other nuts not included; but the stock gland nuts and top nuts work just fine on these IIRC.  $100 shipped anywhere in US.  SOLD


- Energy Suspension front sway bar mounts, one pair, red bushings, for 1" sway bar.  Good condition.  $12 shipped anywhere in US.  If purchased with the end links or bump stops, I will throw these in for $5.  SOLD


- Prothane sway bar end links, part number 19-405, two pair (black bushings), New in Box condition, never installed.  $20 per pair shipped anywhere in US, or $35 shipped for two pair.  SOLD


- Prothane bump stops, part number 14-1301, two pair (red), New in Box condition, never installed.  $12 per pair shipped anywhere in US, or $20 shipped for two pair.   SOLD


Thanks for looking.




































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Prices updated, parts sold.

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