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SOLD: 71 240Z LS1 T56

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Time to give up my Datsun to someone else. I just don't drive it much anymore and I'm now just too old for such an impractical vehicle :) . Owned it for almost 20 years and put 30K miles on it in various iterations. Lots of info on this particular car can be found in these forums. I have a little web page write up slash ad here: http://240z.jeromio.com. 

I have a punch list of what I would consider minor things to take care of - all relating to the interior. I've been chipping away at these over the past few weeks so there may be no todos left in the next month or 2. It does have fully functioning A/C. Seats are a bit worn. Wheels are kind of dated. If I were to keep it I would buy some 17x9 Rotas and install ZG flares. But probably better to leave these choices to the next owner of the car.

As it is, it is fully functional and enjoyable. I would drive it across the country. I would arrive pretty worn out tho bc it rides like a skateboard and it's loud as f**k :) .  Gets great fuel mileage tho.

What is it: 1971 Datsun 240Z (well, that's what it started out as)

What's in it: 1999 LS1, stock tune, stock manifolds, no cats, 2.25 into 3" w/ single stainless 3" muffler. T56 w/ McLeod clutch. 3.54 R200 diff. 83 ZXt CV Half Shafts (rebuilt). 

Chassis: Fully de-rustified, full subframe connectors. GC Coil-overs, 250lb springs, all poly bushings. Custom double poly front diff mount. Relocated front lower pivots. Sectioned struts, Tokico blue carts.

Brakes: Front 84 Z31 vented discs. Rear 83 ZXt solid discs. 83ZXt master + booster.

Cosmetic: Fancy Ford SVT Grabber Blue paint. Front poly airdam. Aluminum re-enforced fiberglass front bumper (which makes it functional).

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Price: $16,500 (or trades considered for more practical, manual transmission car such as Focus ST, Volvo C30, MazdaSpeed 3, etc.)

(Also - I'll transfer ownership of http://facebook.com/datsunz to whomever buys the car. Has over 31K followers)


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Jeromio, I'm glad to see you're doing well.  I've been a fan of your car since way back.  Sad to see you selling it, but I'm sure you will see that it winds up in good hands.


Best to ya'


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