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Oil starvation ever an issue on L28 during racing?

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Is oil starvation an issue with track prepped L28? On other non L-engines it's common when running slicks and good suspension.


It seems like some people make special oil pans but a lot of people race just fine without it. 


Is it only a problem at long long sweepers when running slicks?


I have never seen an issue on our race car but we have 180 threadwear tires

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I ran an Aviad 7 qt Road Racing pan on our D - Production 240Z back in the 70's. We ran on Goodyear slicks and never had an issue. Running oil level higher can be tricky. The last thing you want the oil to do is contact the crank throws. That causes oil foaming which is very bad.. Air is a surprisingly bad lubricant. 


I've also run an Autocross Z on Goodyear Cantilever slicks with the stock oil pan. It was OK, but Autocross has short G-Loadings and no elevation changes. Road Racing with long sweeping turns, Positive and negative banking and elevation changes are a lot more challenging. Only thing more challenging for Wet Sumps is Hillclimbs. The steep inclines push all of the oil to the back of the pan. It's a really  problem if you have a front sump oil pan. 


I think I would talk to someone like Canton on building a Custom Road Race pan. Canton oil sumps are very, very good. You send them your core and they add on the winged pans, dog door baffling and a proper windage tray. You should run a windage tray on any oil pan.


I have an Arizona Z car aluminium sump on my DD. It's not bad and would be OK for Autocross and the occasional Track Days. But I'm not sure how much I would trust it during an Enduro. Particularly if you run slicks. 

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 Logging OP is a very good idea. We used to rely on a Hobb's switch set to 15 or 20 psi and big red light. That's not a bad Idea as well.  


Soft race slicks definitely create more grip than  " DOT " R compound tires. Gotta love the grip of soft compound Goodyear cantilers . On a light car, you could often lift both inside wheels on a hard transition. 


I don't remember any of the other D-Production cars having amy oiling issues with the stock oil pan. But again it was a long time ago and it depends on the track. 

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I ruined a race prepped motor at Road Atlanta (first track event for the engine) because a rod bearing and rod let go.  I was running a Nissan Comp pan with something like 8 qt capacity.  Member Clarkspeed posted that he has seen oil pressure drop at that track in my thread.  Here is the relevant post from that thread.  


I am looking into having Moroso make a custom dry sump pan.  Canton wasn't willing to make one. 

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