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280z harness removal

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Starting to prep for an rb, was just curious on the best way remove the stock engine harness from the body harness. I will be going with a wiring specialties engine harness for the new motor. Does it need to tie into the body harness at all? Any help would be great, thanks. 

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280z efi harness is almost completely standalone. There are two wires connecting the ecu to the battery, and there are a few connectors under the steering column for the main relay, coil negative and fuel pump.


The ignition system is also mostly self contained with the ignition module being located in the passenger footwell and, and the coil and distributor hook up near the end of the engine bay part of the chassis harness


Essentially, you can remove the efi harness as one big piece without any modifications to the rest of the wiring. As for get ignition side, get a wiring diagram (search Google, the 77 one is color). You can remove the ignition module and tape, remove the wires and do the same for the distributor.


Your new harness will need to connect to basically the same places (tach, ignition, fuel pump).


Btw, don't take my word for this, I've not swapped my car and only glanced at the diagram, but this should get you on the right path. Use the diagram and measure twice, cut once.

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