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Richard Oben

Richard Oben LS1 series 1 240Z build

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First I am in this forum a lot.  Without the pioneers before me we would never have taken on the job of putting an LS1 in a 240Z.  

I admit to being a car junkie, at one point there were 4 series one 240Zs at once, paired to two.

Have been in the car business over 20 years. www.northracecars.com if anyone cares we make stuff for FFR cars and for Fox mustangs.  If this inappropriate delete as needed.

FFR Daytona coupe replica 


So it all started in the mid 80s with a series one car in my home town.  Bought it as it was less rusty than the mustangs before it.  In 92 bought 09070, not knowing anything about it other than I had been without one for several years.  Back to school and life stuff.


I actually drove the car and then we started the restoration.  NO Rust



Done. 9070 factory auto dealer air. August 1970 production date.  Just no grunt.



We sold the GTM and started thinking about LS in a Z So for $500 we bought Ruby.


Ruby had a sunroof so we fixed it first



Ruby had too much rust too. 


Ruby was sold so someone could save the front clip.  Good bye. 

Then came Leslie.  This is the first day, all stock six which was sold. 



Fixing the floor surprising little rust for a local car.  


large.IMG_0284.JPG.e9f2ea670b4ee9e4c8557Under side of Leslie

large.IMG_0231.JPG.ea506e97f1136324d4094Sanding down to put in frame rails



Fitting bad dog rails they are straight floor not so much.  lol


large.IMG_0235.JPG.5bb4857a09c5dcaff7c20Frame rail installed Don't laugh at my welding



large.IMG_0535.JPG.6dd10421509731ae1deeaWe installed the bad dog rails figuring the car would just twist in half if we did not.  

On the to fuel system


New top of tank


To fill hole in tank.


 Now that we filled the big hole the little one needs a pump.



Pump has its own sump and sits on the bottom of the tank with the return going to the sump.  So far no issues  And I hate the sound of an external pump  




Engine out fenders were not actually bolted on as the bottom of the rocker panels had not  been tapped for bolts.  In short the car was a mess.  


We bought the kit from CX racing. complete and worth every penny in my opinion.  

Prepping for LS install.  Note all new stainless brake lines, fuel lines etc.  

We are in the highlight version of the build.  



Rustoleum red is the same as Porsche red which is what this was supposed to be. Car was green originally.  And it has rear ended someone as the front aprons are welded back on.  A mess like I said.  


Put in the LS1 in.  I bought a wrecked 04 GTO, changed pans, alternator, shifter, swapped the clutch to and LS7 one, and had the harness cut down. All the stuff that needs to be done to make the swap. 




John's cars AC set up is tight. but fits and works.  




Getting closer

large.IMG_0642.jpg.41547238866e63ef47290So very sorry for the bad pic, but is a bad mount I cobbled to hold the 8.8.  Came from a 95 Lincoln mark 8.  We put 3.73 gears in and traction lock.  


large.IMG_0611.JPG.f6e6e809f09767963a910large.IMG_0613.JPG.e2576e1ee448679d62f2dFront mount is from TTT.  

Waiting on Z car depot or Spitsnaugle to make a mount I am happy with for the 8.8


Modified the Datsun push rod to fit the Wilwood MC.



To mate the 8.8 to the Datsun stub I bought the Z car depot ends and the DSS end for the 8.8 to fit the a 930 Porsche CV.  Mounted everything in the car and then measured for the axles.  Had them made and made a mess putting it all together.  







As it looks now. 



It had 80 miles on it when we left for the hot rod power tour!  Went from KC to Des Moines to Davenport to Champagne to St Louis and back to KC did not do Indy or Bowling Green.  1300 miles later, had small oil leak fixed by tightening the by pass and filter, never figured out which was leaking.  Blew out the 40+ year old wheel cylinder on the left rear.  Other than that it performed great. 


There is so much I am leaving out but will edit as my time permits.  


In short CX racing kit.  Gauges from speed hut. JCI compressor. Vintage air mini, with a condenser my local gut sourced.  EZ wire main harness M&M cut down engine harness.  Factory headlight and turn signal switches.  From the outside and inside it looks like a 1971 240s with a fat exhaust pipe.  


Projects left to do.  Install proper 8.8 mount.  Springs and struts will be done at the same time as the 8.8.  Rear discs and 280 Z stubs (28 vs 24 spline). Finish interior.  Polish wheels a little.  All of which I hope to get done over the winter.  


Ask all the questions you want.  If you have a negative opinion leave it at home.  The amount of blood, sweat, time and money involved is mind numbing so keep any all negative comments to your self please.  

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saving as I went.

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We got the idea from another member here, can;t remember who it was but he had lots of problem with external pumps.  In the end, it was not cheap doing the tanks inc pump.  A couple of hundred in tank mods plus the pump.  But I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Everything is serviceable and sure you can hear the pump a little at start, after that it is like any other car.  I am never worried about running the pump dry.  There were a few decisions I would change but my goal on this project was to most of the stuff my self.  Had the harness dieted and tank welded.  I did everything else.  HTH, Richard. 

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Richard,  Love to see more information and pictures of your beautiful project car when you have the time.


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