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Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator - Free

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Hi Friends - I am cleaning out my garage and offering this Arizona Z-Car aluminum radiator for free, please pay the shipping and its yours.


The radiator is a few years old and I paid $400 for the radiator and then another $100+ to have the aluminum studs for elec. fans everything is TIG welded, I also had a new Earls fitting TIG welded on for the expansion tank (as per the pictures). I then spent 5 hours polishing the radiator to a mirror finish.  I have easily $500+ just in the radiator.


A few quick notes:

1) The bottom of the radiator is damaged from a hydraulic jack as per the pictures.


This radiator will fit on a Datsun Z or ZX.


Thank-you and Happy Holidays.






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On 12/21/2017 at 5:18 AM, Mayolives said:

What a deal!  Too bad I'm not in need.  It can be straightened buy someone who knows his stuff.  How did this nice piece get smashed?  I hope that you are not the culprit! 


The story is.....during Hurricane Harvey I was jacking up my cars at 2am trying to save them and get them several feet off the ground, I was tired, anxious and so stressed, based on that my Datsun rolled forward a few inches when I was jacking it up and slipped off the floor jack, causing the top of the floor jack to smush the bottom of the radiator.  So yes I am the culprit but the car did not get a drop of water in it during these historical floods.  The radiator does not leak and the car never overheated afterwards with the damage to it.


A fellow enthusiast picked it up last week, so it will live on and can be repaired.

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