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280z project car parts sell off. - Sold

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1975 280z project parts for sale.  I'll be adding prices soon, I have to go through and figure out what everything will be individually.  The car and whatever is still available is also for sale in the cars for sale forum.


There is more, I'll be adding as I work through the inventory of stuff I've accumulated over the last 5 years for this project.


The Parts (never run):


·   Chequered Flag Racing stub axels with longer studs - $550

· 2 Polished valve covers - $85/ea

· 1 polished diff cover - $60

· Full set of Autometer gauges & sensors in aluminum dash - Pending sale

    o   Oil Temp 

    o   Oil Pressure

    o   Water Temp

    o   Volts

    o   Fuel level

    o   Fuel pressure (as well as a spare still in the box apparently)

    o   AFR w/Wide band sensor


Parts that are used or refurbished

· Professionally rebuilt r200 limited slip diff with 3.90 gears with finned 300zxt diff cover - $1250

· Original (working well) R200 3.55 open diff - $150

· Spare r200 open diff with 3.55 gears in pieces would need a full rebuild - $75

· 2 L28E complete engines & ECUs.  One was running last fall when removed, the other was a spare that I never tested. - $250(for known good) - $150(effectively  a core)

· Datsun 4 speed transmission - $125

· All of the stock suspension - 


Photos of parts available at:



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I would assume that it should work if you have everything to use that diff with a stock 240/280 suspension.


I'm asking $650 for the CV kit.  Nothing has even been removed from the box for inspection, I cut it open to take the picture a few weeks ago.


I've been swamped with the holidays (family) and PMs so haven't been able to get everything priced yet.  Hopefully soon.




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I have sold almost everything that was listed, including the body of the car.  Once I get everything shipped out and get things organized I'll list more stuff, most of which will be smaller items.


Thanks to all for the great response, and good luck with your projects.  First race with the new car is end of February so a lot of work to do on that now.



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