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Thoughts on 280zx Turbo Parts Car?

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Hey everyone!  So I'm planning on picking up this 280zx Turbo next week.  I want to use the engine, wiring harness, etc. for a turbo build for my 260z and I figured it'd be easier to buy the whole car than to piece everything together separately.  Would anything else off this car be useful to me?  The only thing is it's an automatic but I could find a 5 speed from an N/A?  He's asking $1500, I'll post a link below and would love to hear what you think it's worth.  Thanks!





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Post is taken down. For me personally, piecing together an NA-T build was actually cheaper since I wanted to upgrade most things. If you're planning on putting major work into it, it's always cheaper to just find the few OEM pieces you need separately. 


If you're looking for a cheap-ish swap for a reasonable boost in power, then a donor car is definitely the better choice (though it was a better choice when ZX donors were $300).



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