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Cleaning out

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First up is my turbo Tom kit it has a ported exhaust manifold all hot parts are swain tech coated 3 inch down pipe Turbo smart 38 mm wast gate and boost control the carb is a holly 670 buy low bugget with precies adjustable metering blocks let's you adjust jet size with a screwdriver it has the water injection kit I also have auto meter wide bad o2 egt boost pressure and air intake temp gauge All plumbing is included Iam asking 1800 or make a fair offer . 



Next is a set of triple Weber 40 doce I have 2 additional sets of jets main air corrector and acclorator jets there are additional choke tubes 28 and 30 Iam asking 1100
















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I never dynoed it the guy who had this before me got 330 at the tire and he didn't have it any were close to right I am guessing 300 to 350 I had it to 18 and it would spin the tires in 3rd the lag is controlled by the secondary's with springs and too light of a spring makes it almost un drivable  I got it running good with the wide bad o2 and the percys metering blocks make it so easy to tune that's what all the trouble is with these kits is the carb the power valve is reversed on this one and it richens under boost cruising I was getting 28 mpg on the hwy

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