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So I cant seem to reply to the map sharing thread. So here is my base tune for those with a completely stock l28et N42/N47 engine combo. This is for stock injectors and J pipe. Only modifications are exhaust work 2.5" exhaust ported header and turbo. This tune was after some trial and error to say the least. I ran 8 degrees more timing in my first tune for a few months and it eventually showed signs of detonation issues. Brought it down 4 degrees and took it out for a test drive but over boosted to 11 psi on stock Jpipe and blew the gasket. So after another gasket I got me a pair of det cans and found that I needed to take more timing out. So I took yet another 4 degrees out and it woke up the power in boost and its 8 degrees lower than a set up I ran with detonation that took months to show signs of damage. So this tune should be safe for almost any l28et but is recommended for a stock PSI N series head with dish pistons. The VE table was tuned in auto tune and high RPM AFRs are in the high 10s. I drive this car once in a while and with no AE or EGO control just running off the VE table, cold start enrichment and Ignition table it runs very smoothly with no lean surge or anything of that sort and it has solid high 15.7 AFR cruising at 3000rpm on the freeway. Good luck




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