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Strut tower brace

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Tried PM'ing you, but got a pop-up notice that said you can't receive messages.  Weird.  Maybe something going on with the website right now?


Anyway, I have this rear strut bar.  Ran it in the rear of my '73 260, which has the same struts/strut towers as the 240.  The end plates can also be run on the front strut towers, with a different cross bar.


How about $55 plus shipping?






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Sure they do, as long as the plates retain the same 3-bolt pattern as the stock struts.  I have coilovers and bolt-in camber plates front and rear on my cars, and used this bar no problem on two different cars. 


Some weld-in plates may preclude the use of a strut tower bar like this (and most others that are commercially available), but that's up to the owner to decide.  I suppose the bar's mounting plates could be re-drilled to be compatible with other suspension set-ups; but again, that's up to the owner.

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