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engine swapped (370z to Datsun 280z)

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Good afternoon everyone: I am just a new kid on the block. I am going to buy a datsun 1979 280 and i am planning to put a nissan 370z . the idea is to install everything possible from the 350 to the 280 . I have mechanic skills but I have a question. by the time I am putting the engine and the transmission together, I am planning to measures where the shift bar goes and then design the motor mounts. my question is (talking about the 370z)how long is the measurement from the transmission (where the drive shaft goes to the front of the engine (cranshaft pully)? is it the same long as the 280 l6 ? 



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Thanks for the measurements Neverdone...   It's good to point out that the Tranny in the S30 will need to be shortened at the shift linkage.  Ahoke was selling CNC'd brackets for this.  those mount at the 12" line, and shorten it about 5-6".  you weld the U  joint shorter or pull it apart.    This puts the tranny at roughly +2" longer than the stock S30 Tranny while putting the engine still behind a modded Steering X member.


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