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Bushings replaced - Car sitting high

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Hi, I had all of the suspension bushings replaced with new rubber bushings by my mechanic.  I went over to see it and we then installed the new wheels/tires.  After putting the car on the ground the car looks like it is sitting too high, particularly in the rear.  My mechanic told me the suspension would settle after a bit, but I'm concerned it's more than that.  Does anyone have any idea, will it "settle" enough to look more stock?  This is a 76 280z with the original suspension.  Thanks!


First pic is the original set up.  The next two are from yesterday.






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The bolts are supposed to be tightened with the car's weight on the suspension.  He probably torqued them with the wheels hanging.  Loosen them up, rock the car up and down, and retorque them.  It's the factory procedure, described in the FSM.


Looks like your tires are lower profile also.  That will open up the gap too.  The stock suspension sits pretty high, even with the stock tire size.

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It's critical that rubber bushings are torqued with the car at ride height. Rubber bushings rely on the rubber between the inner and outer metals to stretch as the suspension moves through its travel. The bushings will see added wear and not work as designed, if you leave them pre-loaded and "let them settle".

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