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GT45 Turbo parts for LS1 and welder

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Location: DFW Texas

Parts for sell:


Eastwood DC200 tig non AC, steel/SS only

80CU argon tank with flow meter

bunch of welding steel welding wire and SS welding wire

Gas lense for welding and harbor freight auto-darking helmet.

Welding cart for all of the above



Turbo stuff:

3in Vibrant tight radius U bend $52.57
Weld Concentric 4" to 3" Reducer, Stainless Steel 304 $20.29
4in U bend $68.00
2.5in U bend $56.00
8 hi impedance 60lb ev1 fuel injectors $169.99
Rev9 RS-series 50mm wastegate 7-10-12-21-29 psi $98.40
T4 Divided Turbo inlet flange $32.75
2.5in flex pipe $23.99
2x 2.5in vband $45.98
Truck manifolds $69.07
Universal FMIC $105.00
GT45 Turbo $203.76


That's what I bought however due to circumstances I need money asap so willing to let it go for cheap. Sadly I have not had time to actually cut or design the headers for the turbo and eventually will need to sell the LS1 Z but that's for later.


I'm look at 500 for the welder setup? and 700 for the turbo stuff? Would prefer local pickup but might be willing to ship if you pay shipping.


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