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Front Suspension Swap? Anybody done one

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3 hours ago, Leon said:


You used the b-word...


If I may summarize your post, you want to convert the front and rear suspension in your 280Z from struts to dual A-arms because you feel like you'll have "more adjustability" and "the suspension will move around less"? And because your Corvette couldn't keep up with Porsches in slow corners? Then some stuff about roll centers that showed a fundamental lack misunderstanding of what roll centers do.



You might as well say, "if your anti-roll bar rates were more equal, it would be a better setup". Roll centers are just one component of anti-roll which itself is just one component of vehicle handling.


It's all a system. You will be frustrated and lost if you're only looking at single characteristics in isolation.


You have to understand the problem first, ask yourself the right questions, research and execute. In reality, that's an iterative loop. Currently, there is a lack of understanding and lack of clarity as to your wants and therefore needs. I've seen the Apex kit and while nicely crafted, it represents the above statement.

My posts seem long to me so I do my best to condense in an effort to shorten the post and provide the viewer the info needed. In doing so it may seem that I am just rambling, especially when talking about suspension because it is all a large component and it is all dynamic. It is true, I don't fully understand all that I should but that's why I'm here. Educate me

You may not have seen the apex component I'm referring to. Its not yet introduced and isn't on they're website. Its currently in testing.



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I agree that the Z suspension is a good setup. But I have never thought that a strut setup is a setup that could be adjusted to most situations. IT has some limitations. All suspensions have limitations. I believe the double a arm suspension offers more options with less trade off. So while i have the car completely stripped, I'd like to make any improvements that I can. At least until I learn more, it seems that the lower control arms on the car are good and I am looking at what it would take to add an upper arm and what its advantages may be.

All suggestions are welcome. Just don't beat me up too bad.


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