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rb25/26 rear sump custom oil pans??

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3 hours ago, Jethoncho said:

Great info, I am likely going to recreate the windage tray in the original style just reversed to account for the crank rotation and new location of modified oil pickup.  I don’t plan on racing so I think I can get away without a specially designed hi capacity oil pan. 

good to know. All of this is really confusing to me ha. I mean, if I don;t have the windage tray perfect then will My engine blow up, do you know?

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The short answer is; as long as your oil pickup can remain submerged in oil then, no your not going to blow it up.  The windage tray is designed to keep the oil supply in the sump and aid in its return to the sump.  Most of the info in the links you referenced have to do with race cars or cars subjected to extreme loads.  Since my car will be a nice restomod and note intended for drifting or track use there is absolutely no reason to build such an elaborate pan.  I’m no expert but I know many cars that do road rallies or other track events and they have stock engines...they do blow engines due to oil starvation.  Hope this is of some help...

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