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Need tires, HELP! 15X9-28 15X10-28

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Having thee worst of luck sourcing performance tires for my equip 01's! Found some  15x9-28 and 15x10-28 but seems like toyo doesn't make any R888R for my wheel specs :'( 

Need recommendations, links. Looking for 235 or 245\45 fronts and 255 or 265/45 rears. 

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I know your pain, high performance tire options for wide 15s are slim. Toyo does make R888R's in 235/50-15, a buddy is running them on his 15x10s. That's what he settled on after we researched the hell out of the current options. The other contenders were Hankook RS4s in 245/40-15s and Achilles ATR-K in 245/45-15. You're not going to find decent 255 or 265s unfortunately.

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