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R200 pinion flange nut torque

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Pretty sure I've read comments from guys that know suggesting that you mark the position of the nut before removing it then slowly work the nut back to that position when reassembling.  Since the various metal parts will be the same after the seal is replaced it should give the same pinion shaft tension as before it was disassembled.


If you took it apart without marking it you're in a bind.

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That "put it back where it was" suggestion is a bad one even for a diff that has a crush sleeve. The R200 has no crush sleeve. The spec is RFT, I want to say it's something like 150 - 200 ft lbs. I always use red loctite on the nut the put my impact on 5 and hit it, empty the compressor until it fills, then hit it again. Never had any issues.

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